MOBI – Hip & Joint Supplement

Well worth a try, worked a dream for uS

Rachel J.

We recently adopted an 18 month old lurcher (Rodney) from the RSPCA. We spent a around 6 weeks in the adoption process due to Rodney recovering from a broken leg.

During our visits he seemed energetic and did a lot of running around but he did go slightly lame after a while and would be lifting his paw up. The centre had warned us that amputation was a option and we were fine with this but were made to believe this would be last resort as he didn’t seem that bad.

When we got the call that he was ready to come home with us we were told that on the vets advise, they wanted to see if he healed any better in a home as he was coping very well in the shelter.

As soon as we brought him home he seemed to be coping much better and we knew that this wasn’t a dog that needed his leg amputating. He didn’t show any signs of being in pain, just went a little bit lame if he over worked himself.

3 days after we brought him home the shelter called and told us he was going in to have it amputated, no ifs no buts. We took him back and they saw how he’d improved in such a short time and decided to give it a few more weeks. We then started him on these tablets.

It’s around 2 months later and we are nearly at the end of the bottle and you would never think that Rodney had ever broken his leg. He is never lame anymore and doesn’t lift his paw after exercise. Our new vet can’t get their head around how he was only a day away from amputation.

These tablets are well worth a try. They STINK, but Rodney will eat them mixed into his food. I know some reviews claimed they caused stomach issues which we were afraid of as Rodney is quite sensitive and when we first started them he was adjusting to a new diet, but we didn’t seem to have any major issues.

The RSPCA have never been in touch with us since that day but I’m sure if they saw him now they would be beyond impressed at his improvement. We don’t plan to buy another bottle as he seems fine but if any problems did arise in the future, we would be straight back to them.

our 11 year old dog has been limping for over a year

I was really suspicious about buying these as I often feel they might be fake reviews. However, our 11 year old dog has been limping for over a year now and the vet recommended these so I thought it was worth a try. I cannot believe the difference in our dog. She always limped when she got up after a long nap, but now she jumps up and doesn’t limp at all. We cannot believe the difference these pills have made to her life. So pleased.

A must have to ease arthritis
Michele F.

My staffy is 13 years old and has, over the years had all limbs operated on. Arthritis has set in in recent years but I will try anything to make life comfortable for him. I gently walk him 3 times a day, off the lead and he sniffs and strolls about. The tablets seem to be working as he wants to go out more and he even ran a bit, to chase a cat. I am optimistic that the tablets are helping with his wellbeing.

We can’t believe the improvement in our dog!
R. Johnson

Our cheerful labradoodle has a badly arthritic joint in one foreleg, so we had to cut back on her walks because although she still set out happily she would usually be limping noticeably and falling behind after 15–20 minutes. She has been on a well-known brand of joint supplements for a few years, but recently I decided to try Mobi. We can’t believe the improvement in her after a few days! She can now walk briskly and happily for longer, and is cantering over grass in the park and chasing birds and squirrels again. We’re delighted.

Brilliant stuff!!!


Great product! Bought for my little hand raised bulldog born with major complications including inverted hind legs.

He is 6 month old now and started showing signs of stiffness in his leg so I started giving him these and they seem to be helping. He’s nowhere near as stiff getting up and seems a lot happier too 🙂 Romeo sends this thanks.

Highly recommended product and will be buying more as I need them as plan on keeping him on them long term.

BERRI – Kidney & Bladder Supplement

Very good product


I am very happy with the Berri product. My Holly had an operation for kidney stones in June 2019. We thought she may be getting them back as she started to wee a lot again so we searched the internet to try help her and we came across these.

Reading the reviews we thought we would give them a try; within days she was so much brighter and the constant weeing stopped. Will be ordering more.

Just the job

So pleased with these, I started my little chap on these immediately. I have seen a happier little lad over the last few days. I will continue buying these capsules for as long as he is happy and I can see he is improving. Would recommend 100%, The ingredients are herbal so there can be no damage to your person with fur. Give them a try, I am sure you will be as delighted as I am.


I used this for my 14 year old Heinz 57 bitch who has been plagued with urine infections for years, costing me ninety pound for 3 weeks antibiotics, which was more or less on a monthly basis, to the point of just passing blood. I’m scared to jinx it, but something magical has happened since using these she’s like a pup again, anyway fingers crossed.

Life saver

My 10 year old German Shepherd kept having urinary infections which sometimes lead to him having the odd accident. After spending over £900 on vet bills with no success we tried the cranberry supplements with amazing effects. Our dog is now 11 and is fit and well. We give him 2 tablets with both his breakfast and dinner. I don’t normally do reviews but I wanted to as it may help someone else.

TUMMY – Prebiotic & Probiotic Supplement

Stomach problems after gastroenteritis as a 4 month old puppy

Liz P.

We thought that she really might not recover after a really bad attack of gastroenteritis. The vets gave her everything to treat the symptoms – steroids, antibiotics, worming treatments; which must have had an affect on her stomach’s natural good bacteria.

After weeks of changing foods to find a variety she actually wants to eat we have now settled on a British brand and feeding her this and giving her Tummy advanced probiotics & prebiotics really do appear to have sorted her stomach problems.

Tasty tablets… that work
R. Harrison

I have held off reviewing this product for six months to give the tablets a proper trial. I have to say that they have made a great improvement in the gastric system of my Border Collie. She has a very sensitive stomach and any upset of any kind has previously resulted in three or four days of a problem stomach (an euphemism, I wont go into details!). This was happening every four to six weeks.

Since taking the tablets regularly she has had hardly any “episodes”. On the rare occasion when she has a problem it is over within 24 hours instead of the previous three to four days. I am very pleased with the product and the improvement in my dog’s health.

Miracle relief from night time diarrhoea

I am so relieved – AMAZING. Early days but after weeks of the runs at night time, my 6 month old whippet only needed 2 poos last night and both were solid!!

She only had her first probiotic yesterday morning and has been on a diet of chicken, rice and sweet potato for a couple of days.

This combination has given her relief from her symptoms, finally. Delighted.

These really do work

I bought these pro-biotic tablets for one of my lurchers, she was always eating grass..more than dogs usually do…then, as they do, bringing it back up again. This is not an ideal situation, so I decided to give these a go before taking her to the vet. She is having 2 at night and 1 in the morning and I’m so pleased to say that she hasn’t eaten grass since starting them, I didn’t expect them to work that quickly.

They are very good value and will keep her on these tablets, they also help as one offs when my other dogs’ poop is not as solid as it should be. I know all dogs like to eat grass but she was eating it as if she was starving! Hopefully these have helped re- balance her digestive system.